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Talbot Appraisal Services takes pride in our work and we always welcome feedback from our clients!

As appraisers, we are often on the receiving end of questions, concerns, and feedback about your financing and where it pertains to the value of your home.  It is important to understand that there are various limitations an appraiser may be challenged by when preparing the appraisal report.  The process can be confusing and frustrating at times for all involved.  Talbot Appraisals is always happy to help explain our role and responsibility, or direct you to the proper channels for answers to your other questions that perhaps your mortgage agent or lender can address.






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Before making a complaint about the process or the value obtained, we encourage clients to reach out to us, or your lending professional,  directly so that we may help clarify and explain the rationale behind the report and its findings.

If you are unhappy with your mortgage professional, 

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario which

licenses mortgage brokers, agents, brokerages and

administrators in Ontario may be of assistance.

Click here to see how you can resolve a complaint

about a Mortgage Broker or Agent?

If you are unhappy with your appraiser or the policies

& procedures of which they must adhere to, you will

find resources through the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

Click here for more about the Complaint Resolution Process.


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