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Real estate is one of your most significant assets, and Talbot Appraisal Services' AIC accredited appraisers can help you determine its true value and devise strategies to increase that value over time. Talbot Appraisal Services puts client satisfaction as a top priority, and a satisfied client is always well-informed and well-represented.

An Appraisal Institute of Canada designated appraiser provides an objective estimate or opinion of value of the subject property as supported by the presentation of required & relevant data analysis.


The report contains information relevant to independent property valuation including the purpose of the appraisal, qualifying conditions, neighbourhood conditions, legal property identification, photos, maps, floor plans, and finally the value estimate and the date of the appraisal.  



One of the key methods in valuing a residential property involves comparing properties that have recently

sold within the neighbouring area and that offer similar characteristics to the property being valued.

Comparing recently sold properties to the property being valued – since the objective of the appraisal is to estimate the price that the subject property would most likely sell for if exposed to the marketplace, recent sales of similar properties are used for comparison and as benchmarks.  Comparable sales represent what other informed buyers in the marketplace are willing to pay for similar features, location and amenities.

Adjusting the sale price based on key differences in the property – since no two properties are exactly alike, the appraiser gathers information on the comparable sales and applies adjustments to the actual sale price of these sales to reflect their differences (location, characteristics and amenities) vis-à-vis the subject property.


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