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15 Barrie Blvd, St. Thomas, ON N5P 4B9, Canada

COVID-19 Update:  March 24, 2020:
In order to protect our appraisers and as per the AIC, we will be adopting the following procedures: 

1. Full Appraisals are being accepted at this time. NO INTERIOR INSPECTIONS unless the home is vacant (as in for sale owners have moved out, or new construction not yet occupied).  IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY: 
Owners / Purchasers will be interviewed by phone for building characteristics and be asked to provide photos taken on the day of the interview. Lender approval is required for non-interior inspections.

2. If the subject property is vacant, our appraisers will still only enter building(s) with gloves & masks for their protection.

DESK TOP and DRIVE BY Appraisals: Are still being accepted!

We encourage lenders and brokers to check with the Lender requirements and choose DESK TOP or DRIVE BY appraisals in the interim. 

Talbot Appraisal Services appreciates your understanding as we modify our services for everyone's protection.

For any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at tasappraisals@rogers.com

Appraisal Order

This order form is designed for Lenders and Mortgage Agents who wish to order an appraisal. Please fill in completely to avoid delays in processing your request. If you have questions, or are a homeowner wanting an appraisal, please call us or email and we can assist. 


NO $. NO decimals.


PRIVATE LENDERS / TBD: As per CUSPAP Standards, of which we adhere to, we do not under any circumstances make reports out to TBD, John Doe, Lender and Its Assignees, etc. Lenders are not permitted to use vague or undefined intended user names or types.

PAYMENT POLICY: (For Clients without an account with TAS): Clients/Brokers/Lenders are advised of the cost of the appraisal prior to the appointment.  Talbot Appraisal Services will make the effort to collect COD upon the ordering client's request. However, the ultimate responsibility for payment is that of the ordering client, NOT Talbot Appraisal Services. If for whatever reason, the applicant does not comply or is not on-site for the appointment, the onus is on the ordering client/broker/lender to settle the account prior to Talbot Appraisal Services releasing the report. 

APPLICANTS will NOT receive a copy of the appraisal report regardless of who pays for the report.


I have included:
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For multiple files or large files such a build plans or specs, please email them directly to: tasappraisals@rogers.com and quote address in subject line.

By submitting this order, I authorize Talbot Appraisal Services to contact the client and appraise the subject property as per this request. I agree to the terms and conditions within.